Friday, October 15, 2010

The Weakening Of The United States National Defenses By President Obama - Tea Party Nation

Large stockpile with global range (dark blue),...Image via Wikipedia The picture on the right show which countries have nuclear missiles with Global Reach. If we loose ours guess what happens?
As I read through all this. I was actually surprised that so many other haven't realized this since it's been all over the news the past couple of years. I have to totally agree. Obama seems to want America Weak for some reason. Only God knows why.

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In just the past week President Obama has made this country look week on defense. This is where he has made the United States look weak:

1. His new nuclear weapons strategy,

2. The banning of certain terms from the national Security Document,

3. The nuclear weapons treaty signed with Russia,

4. If the US is attacked with chemical or biological weapons that the nuclear option is off the table for retaliation.

The combination of all of these together make this country look weak to it's enemies around the world. You need to look strong to your enemies to prevent attacks against this country and its people here and abroad around the world. President Bush kept this country safe from attack for 8 years after 9/11 there was no attack on US soil. President Bush took the fight to the terrorists. In just president Obama's first year in office there were to attacks in this country which were the shooting at Fort Hood and the Christmas Day bomber. These were small attacks but it shows that terrorist do not fear president Obama in what he might do as they Feared president Bush. I fear that before President Obama is out of Office there will be a big attack on US soil. I pray this doesn't happen by I do fear it more as he weakens our national defenses.

In his nuclear weapons strategy which will reverse 65 years of US nuclear weapons policy. This will lessons the deterrence factor that US has by having the nuclear weapons. By lessoning its deterrence factor it allows the US to be more vulnerable to attack by nuclear states and soon be nuclear states or would be nuclear states. His idea for doing this is to keep terrorist from acquiring nuclear weapons is naive at best. This will not stop countries like Iran from trying to squire nuclear weapons or halt North Korea from continuing to build its nuclear arsenal.
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