Monday, September 20, 2010

Muslims Take over France from Plancks Constant

Ottoman forces massed near Jerusalem during Wo...Image via WikipediaThe more I get sent News from all over the World each day from various people. I can't help but to wonder. Do Americans and the rest of the World want to see Women totally covered up like this? To hide how much they are beat? Maybe it's Mid-eastern guy thing where they just can resist from beating on women.

To believe in a book that is so violent, just makes a person wonder. Why in God's name do so many people feel that their allah is so mean that they feel they have to be under so much burden for their entire lives?

Just as the Ottoman Empire did so much to try to take over the world back in the day. We can really see that none of the wars as ever changed their minds. WWI and WW2 Over Millions trying so hard to wipe out little tiny Israel.

After loosing so many wars in this effort you would think they would actually learn that their allah is not even a god. Defeat after defeat. Burdens upon more burdens. They continue to beat on Women. Stone them to death, and even men for turning away from such an angry belief system. Women have no rights. Only to what the Koran says. Which means. NO RIGHTS.

I really think that Americans should start taking the time and paying attention to what is happening around the World Right Now. This is no different from when they invaded Rome, Israel so many other times, and parts of the World all though out History.

I really think that Women need to wake up as Well. If Sharia Law comes in just like it has in several cities around the U.S. Already. It will eventually become Law for you all women to have to dress like this in America. Think it can't happen? Take a look at France today in the video below. They thought the same thing.

I urge Americans and others around the World to Wake Up.

The Islamization of France is more advanced than that of America. Watch this video from Weasel Zippers and see what we have to look forward to if we continue down this path of kowtowing to Islamists:
Video: Paris Streets Being Illegally Blocked off by Private Security Guards For Friday Prayers, Police Shown Doing Nothing…
"The Muslim man who took this undercover video says his co-religionists are doing this as a show of power over the state, to 'show they can conquer French territory'…
See more at the link above.
Be sure to watch this video. Imaging your home town looking like this? The more We The People decide not to do anything. This will become our reality as well. Are you ready for it?

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