Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drug-resistant Super-Bug Found in Three States - Worthy News

A new gene that makes a certain bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics has U.S. scientists and doctors alarmed.
So far, this new super-bug has caused people to become sick in three states in the U.S as well as Canada. The bug is also starting to pop up all over the world.
The gene has mostly been found in a bacteria that causes urinary infections.
All of the known cases seem to have been contracted by people traveling to India for medical procedures.
Medical experts are worried that people will continue to spread the bacteria via airplane all over the world.
Scientists have feared a super-bug like this one. Resistance to antibiotics is on the rise, and there aren't currently many new vaccines being developed.
Doctors warn that good hygiene is important because the bacteria can spread hand-to-mouth.
The amount of deaths caused by this new super-bug is unknown.
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