Sunday, September 12, 2010

9-12-09 Protest in Washington, DC
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As Americans rise up throughout the entire United States. The Government and the News Media is still ignoring the facts. They are ignoring the American People. The are very reluctant to even show how many are tired of all the lies and junk that they keep on pulling. The Signs and the voices of the People. Not the Parties must be heard. Be sure to see the site at the link above to see the rest of them.

9/12 Protest — Washington, DC

A pictorial view of the massive protest by Americans on September 12, 2009

Non-Partisan Views and Protests

Many commentators who weren’t at the protest claimed that the participants were die-hard stereotypical Republicans targeting the Democratic party.  Were they to see images such as these, they might have looked for the facts before letting loose with their naysaying words.

Plenty of protesters regard both parties as betraying their offices.

On a sign with two variations on its two sides, one protester depicts President Obama and his 2008 Republican challenger Senator McCain as playing a game of “Good Cop / Bad Cop.”  The two politicians take turns at being “Good Cop” whenever the side is rotated.  The image of McCain as “Bad Cop” shows the Republican with an ugly cruel scowl (unfortunately not captured by my camera).

The Protesters Are Not Who The Media Say They Are

One protester announced himself as all four of the following combined into one person: gay, conservative, proud, American.

Do you tire of reading commentary saying that critics of the Democratic Party agenda are racist?  These protesters knew that this is not what motivates them, and used their signs to express this message.  (The second sign above is yet another protester who is not a Republican.)

Two variations on the old MasterCard ad slogan.  The second photos cuts off the bottom of the sign: it goes on to say “Freedom PRICELESS.”

The Vast National Debt

With the United States national debt on course to reach a percentage of GDP not seen since World War II — and alarming news stories projecting that foreign investors will soon be unwilling to buy American securities — several protesters highlighted the alarming (and ever-increasing) amount.

$5 billion per day (that’s $5,000,000,000) amounts to about $16 per American per day — $16 for every man, woman, child, senior citizen, housewife, loafing brother-in-law, whatever.  For every person not earning, there’s that much more to be repaid by earners.

This chart of “Average Federal Spending per Household by Administration” shows scary amounts incurred in the past — and the big increase by the new occupant of the White House.
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