Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Becks Restoring Honor Rally Full Video

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of th...Image via WikipediaGlenn Beck and his Restoring Honor Rally seems to once again appears not to be in the News. Yet with literally 100's of thousands. Not 10's showing up creating History for a purpose that finally makes sense.
As many of the friends I talk to on a daily basis we had a hard time finding coverage on this major event. But, We Found It! The full video is here from C-Span.
I wanted to watch it all first before I went posting it all, and I have to say this is actually best news I've ran across in years now. If you don't have time to watch all 3 hours of this. Come back and watch as you can. This is what ALL Americans should be thinking on and doing. The points made by every person speaking here is well worth listening to. The Honor of our Soldiers and their Mothers. The Voice of all Americans and the Forefathers of our very own Country. A brief lesson on our Awesome History from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King. What they stood for and the Freedom they all fought for.
If your one of those that thing the Rally after Glenn's here was worth it? You might want to stop and watch all of this video. There was NO disrespect to Martin Luther King, Nor anything Political. This entire event was about restoring Honor, Our Freedom, as Americans and All walks of life here in America coming together and Restoring our Country and our Constitution, And having once again One Nation Under God.
Don't take the news feeds as your source to grip and complain. Take the time and Watch this. It's about time that we as Americans finally get some good news for a change. This is it.
As I have seen the News and Media try so hard to down play this huge event. I wanted to take the time to help give them Credit. This is Awesome. Whether or not you like Glenn Beck or not. What he did here, is exactly what this entire Country needs again. America is only a great Nation Because of Our God and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and others spoke at the Restoring Honor Rally, held at the Lincoln Memorial. Speakers focused on the conservative agenda, emphasizing civil rights issues, the economy, and reducing the size and influence of government.

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