Thursday, July 22, 2010

Storm Threat in Gulf Halts Most Work at Oil Spill Site

As many of us watch the News Media's and the way they continue to spread news. Others are going out finding out the Real news. Now compare this video with the News below. Make any sense to you?

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The government said Thursday that BP’s oil well in the Gulf of Mexico would be left closed off and unattended if a storm that is headed for the area forced ships to evacuate.

At the well site, 50 miles off the Louisiana coast, most work was halted Thursday as a newly formed tropical depression threatened to delay for a week or more the effort to permanently seal off the gusher.

The National Weather Service said on Thursday that the tropical depression, the third so far in what is expected to be a busy hurricane season, had formed in the Bahamas. Its track was expected to run to the northwest into the Gulf of Mexico. A spokesman for the private weather service Accuweather said the storm would probably intensify and become a tropical storm, with winds of perhaps 50 miles per hour. It will probably reach the area of the well site late Saturday or early Sunday, the spokesman said.
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