Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iran to retaliate if planes, ships inspected: speaker

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TEHRAN, June 16 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Majlis (Parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani warned the West and certain countries with retaliation if they try to inspect Iranian planes and ships following last week's UN Security Council sanctions resolution against Tehran, the English language satellite Press TV reported on Wednesday.
"I am warning the U.S. and certain adventurous countries that in case they plan to inspect the cargo of Iranian ships and planes, they should rest assured that we will do the same in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman (with their ships)," Larijani was quoted as saying.
"This retaliation would be part of our policy to protect our national interests," Larijani added.
The new round of the UN Security Council sanctions resolution, adopted against Iran last Wednesday over its controversial nuclear program, aims to restrict the country's shipping and air cargo operations.
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