Tuesday, June 15, 2010

iPhone Armed With Facial Recognition App Lets Cops ID Perps on the Street

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MORIS at Work Cops who need to ID a suspect simply snap a photo on their iPhones. A statewide database being developed in Massachusetts can match up faces with criminal records in a matter of seconds remotely, beaming a rap sheet back to cops on the beat.
Maureen Boyle
Law officers in Brockton, Mass., have a new tool for fighting crime: the iPhone. Using a new app armed with facial recognition software linked to a statewide database, cops can snap a picture of a suspect in the field and within seconds pull up that person's identity on the device.
The system, known as MORIS (Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System), will allow officers out on the road to identify those people who already have their face -- and, if applicable, their criminal history -- in the police database. It will initially be used by Brockton's gang unit, but will eventually be deployed statewide.
CoP says the system will only be used when the police are actively searching for a suspec
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