Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute 2010, Thank you, You Rock.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE!Image by Island Capture Photography via Flickr

To all those who serve and have served in out Military, To Those who have fought and died for our freedom and to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, Thank You. You all Totally Rock!

For those that haven’t severed, Go up to a soldier shake their hands and Thank Them Personally. Remember them, and remember those who have died, They did it all For You.

Again, We love you all, and thank you for doing your part in service, no matter how big or small that task may be . May God bless you all.

I want to add a few videos here in a tribute to those who have fought, continue to fight and have died for the very freedom we have here in America. As I see so many protesting and gossiping. Allowing and passing laws to take the Freedom from us.

All I can think about are those who fight for our very rights we have in this nation. God gave us much, provides us with much and allows us to have the freedom to speak our minds.

Those who can't stand it, Try going to live in any other country in the World. I dare you. If not. At least look at their laws and how they are forced to live. Our very own go out to fight not just for our Freedom but for their freedom as well. Nobody should have to live under any type of dictatorship, or communism, or genocidal government.

Freedom comes with a price. The same as Christ himself had to sacrifice. So do the soldiers out there sacrificing so much today.
May God bless you all Again, and again.
This Country song really should hit home for many.

Memorial Day, is about remembering those who have fought and died for that very freedom.

Here is my little tribute to them.

To this day I can still say I'm proud to be an American. I'll Gladly Stand Up Next to You, and Defend Her Still Today.
May Our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ, Help you all and bless you all in your times of trouble out there and beyond. Good and bad, know that there are many of us here that fully support you and respect you for your sacrifices.
We love you all.

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