Sunday, May 30, 2010

BP Oil Spill 2010, A Repeat in History of 1979?

A beach after an oil spill.Image via Wikipedia

As we sit back and see all the news today about the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we tend to see some very similar trends of the exact same problems that happened in 1979.

One thing I have also noticed is we have a President that constantly talks about not looking at the past anymore but the future of CHANGE. With this in mind, it makes me realize that we need to look more at history to learn exactly what we keep seeing all over the news today. In order to make people think that something is new, you have to first make them forget about the past.

The same dome that didn't work, The same plugging systems that didn't work. The same exact news cast that lasted 9 months.
You would think people including our own President would look at this and say. Don't do that. Do this.
But as you can see. That is far from reality. After all what does History have to prove?

After watching this video. It made me realize that an entire generation was probably to young to remember all this.
Though I haven't agreed fully on the person doing this video. I have to say. I am to glad she did this one.

People please wake up.

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