Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back To The Basics America

I find so many news Articles that keep trying to twist the Tea Party movement like it's a bad thing. I mean really is the Media actually this blind or just ignorant? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they were just paid off somehow. The truth is. I haven't found one bad Patriot. I love the way this guy explains it. Know the truth.

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Just recently I published a hub about my first visit to a Tea Party Meeting.

I get the impression that many people are mistaken on what they think the tea party is all about.

I must first mention that it is a group of hard-working American men and women who are just trying to survive. Many of us remember a day when our government treated us as their employers. Not so today; our government acts as if they own us.

Tea Party members are not terrorists. We are a group that is sick of how we are being treated by our employees, the U.S. government.

When we meet, we discuss the issues and steps for solving them. We study the candidates and give full-spectrum's on each one. From there, it is the members decision on who to vote for.

Written by the people for the people.

This explains who the employer is in a very simple way.

Establish Justice

Look around; watch the news, read the paper. Our justice system has went in the crapper.

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