Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pelosi: Vote For ObamaCare and We’ll Give You Water And Work

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Isn’t it nice how our government operates?  The farmers of the once prosperous farm area known as Central Valley of California  lost thousands upon thousands of jobs thanks to the Democrats withholding water for a fish.  The Democrats have proven that people are always the least important factor of any policy.

Now with homelessness on the rise and the farmers enraged at how the government destroyed farming in the area, here come the bribes.

We’ll give you water and Jobs if you vote for Obamacare!

You can almost hear the bribe coming out of the mouth of Pelosi or Rahm Emanuel.  How sickening how 2 Democratic Congressman named Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa who were both either undecided on Obamacare or against it are now going to vote Yes.  Now thanks to their area being desperate for jobs and water they are going to vote Yes on the destruction of the United States and our ConstitutionNow they are for ObamaCare.

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