Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama runs out of patience with Israel

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Obama needs to stop trying to push around and stop telling Israel what to do and start working on Jobs here in America. Between this and the ignorant healthcare and bullying others around has gotten way outta hand.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addresses the Knesset in Jerusalem yesterday.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday strongly defended Jewish settlement construction in East Jerusalem in the face of US pressure and what one of his own top diplomats described as the worst crisis in relations with Washington for more than three decades.

The US is now said to be demanding substantive concessions from Israel after a warning by the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that he would not take part in talks if the plan to expand the mainly ultra-orthodox Ramat Shlomo settlement went ahead.
The row has appeared finally to bring to a head the year-long tensions between the two governments since Barack Obama tried in vain to persuade the Israeli Prime Minister to agree to a total settlement freeze
The Israeli Prime Minister insisted yesterday that construction would continue "in the same way as has been customary over the last 42 years".
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