Monday, March 8, 2010

The Next War Will Be Very Different

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The signs are there, the occurrence fixed only the actual dates are unknown. Given a shock like the American usage of nuclear bombs in World War II, the war may be short, as was the Six Day War in 1967. Or it can be long, much longer than the Day of Atonement War in 1973, if it becomes an all-out war for elimination and survival. In either case, it will start with a surprise attack, like Pearl Harbor or Germany's invasion of Poland.

Israel and the West will be dumbfounded and awake to a very ugly reality. If eyes do not open quickly, the USA may actually contribute to a faster deterioration of Israel's chances of survival. Failure to attribute action against Israel correctly, or expecting the President's charm to work wonders in places it has already failed, may further collapse Israel's already weakened condition. America's full military might behind Israel is NOT for Israel's sake, it is for America's own future survival.
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