Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Hampton School earns global education credential - Fosters

New Hampton School earns global education credential FROM STAFF REPORTS Wednesday, March 31, 2010 The New Hampton School is now the only New England boarding school authorized to award the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The school recently received official confirmation from the IB, which includes more than 2,800 schools in 138 countries. "This is such a remarkable day for New Hampton School," Head of School Andrew Menke said. "It both accomplishes yet another of our strategic goals adopted three years ago, and allows our students to truly embrace a changing world that is more interconnected and interdependent than ever." An internationally recognized diploma program founded in 1968, the IB encourages students to be active learners, well-rounded individuals, and engaged world citizens. The IB diploma calls for New Hampton School students to take a series of six classes over a two-year period. Those classes will be interconnected holistically through a series of core ide as that are taught through an additional class called "Theory of Knowledge." The IB demands three core requirements beyond classwork including the extended essay, the "Theory of Knowledge" class, and a creativity/action/service requirement. "The IB validates the potential of our students to be competitive and productive citizens in an international arena," said New Hampton School Director of Studies Jennifer Berry. "Additionally, IB diploma students will meet rigorous and comprehensive academic standards." According to New Hampton School Global Curriculum Coordinator Dan Love, the IB confronts many of the challenges that 21st century learners and teachers face. "In so many discussions about education and the need for reform, IB is answering the questions parents are asking — like 'what best prepares my child for success in college?' " Love said.


New Hampton School earns global education credential - Fosters

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