Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Microchipping To Begin In 36 Months Under New Health Bill

I wanted to post this up so that people might actually try to inform themselves with what this new HeathCare system is requiring to ALL Americans and others as well. This has the links to the bills and even tells you which page to look at.
This is no joke. This is very real.

The date by which this registry is to begin is mandated on page 1006, which is 36 months after the Health Bill becomes law.
The new Health Care Bill, H.R. 3200, just passed by Congress has within it the requirement that all people thereunder shall be microchiped. The plans for this microchipping has been in the hooper going back to December of 2004.
This ten page document may be read on the FDA website at
Now witness the wording within H.R. 3200, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” found on Congresses’ House Ways and Means website,
On page 1001 is “Subtitle C – National Medical Device Registry” which states,
“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that … is or has been used in or on a patient…”
microchipping of Americans must begin by the year 2013.
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