Monday, March 15, 2010

China Goes into Attack Mode on Climate Change - / Green

In spite of being the world's largest greenhouse polluter in absolute terms, China likes to point out that given its massive population, its greenhouse gas emissions aren't anywhere near the U.S. when broken down on a per person basis. That's why when it came to making a commitment towards reducing carbon, China chose to go with a "carbon density" reduction rather than an overall reduction of carbon. This approach has been criticized by the U.S. as not doing enough to reverse the trend of ever increasing carbon emissions by China.
Most of the media has focused on Wen's defense of currency policy and criticism of the U.S. handling of the economic recession, Wen also delivered some sharp remarks on climate change.
Wen used an old Chinese proverb, "my conscience is clear despite the slander of others," to defend allegations that he had snubbed President Obama at a sideline meeting at Copenhagen last year.
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