Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big brother IS watching

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An Israeli startup has developed a potentially game-changing surveillance camera that can both monitor a panoramic field and zoom in on details.
Multiple high resolution zoomed windows taken with a single Adaptive Imaging camera.

A small Israeli startup has developed a potentially game-changing, high-tech solution where a single surveillance camera can monitor a panoramic field of view and zoom in on any spot in real time with exceptional clarity.

The company, Adaptive Imaging Technologies, calls its invention a "panoramic telescope," and aims to shake up the global security space - from borders to transportation hubs and even to large sporting facilities.

The company won the "Most Promising Startup" award from the Global Security Challenge last year, has received a $100,000 cash grant from the US Department of Defense, and already has orders, even though its flagship camera is still only in a pre-prototype stage.

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