Monday, March 29, 2010

All Hell is Breaking Loose in Mexico

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Crime victim in Mexico

"The Cartels now own Mexico and Juarez" - Cartel message from across the border, stating that El Paso Border Patrol, ICE, and local police were now targets, and that their wives and children were not safe in the US or Mexico... and to stay out of Mexico.

(JUAREZ / SALEM) - As Americans spend their time ingesting national network news, learning about tea parties, sex scandals and the latest Britney Spears controversy, all Hell is breaking loose on the U.S. border with Mexico.

One of our contacts, Tosh Plumlee, has been on the ground in Juarez in recent weeks, where the murder toll rises on an equal footing with the fear and trepidation of a populace caught between the guns of police and drug soldiers with little regard for collateral damage.

Beheaded Man Not Yet Identified

A man's body was dumped in the streets of Juarez after he was beheaded early today.
Beheadings unfortunately are not that rare in this state.
Prison Break in Matamoros
Texas Politics and a Real Drug War
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