Friday, February 5, 2010

Senate bans forced microchip implants

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Victory? I guess the main thing is passing this won't allow it to be forced on them.
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Senate bans forced microchip implants

The Senate voted Thursday to protect Georgians from evildoers, covert corporations and rogue doctors, seen and unseen, with the passage of a bill that would make it illegal to implant a microchip into someone without their permission.

The bill, ironically sponsored by Sen. Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville) and Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, would make it a misdemeanor to implant someone against their will with a microchip, sensor, transmitter or other tracking device. The Senate passed the bill 47-2.

“The benefits of a microchip that can be internally implanted are also available in many external forms,” Pearson said.

But opponents say that the devices can lead to unwanted surveillance and even cancer. There are some who say that it has religious implications and that the implantable devices are the "Mark of the beast."

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