Monday, February 22, 2010

Jihad in Paris at the Louvre ..........

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This is crazy, If you went back in time a bit. This would be Hitler and the like of them.

I blame the West for the rise of the barbarians. It's the nazis marching (but worse), but this time in color and with "allahu akbar" instead of "heil hitler."

Jesse Petrilla filmed this on his trip through France. BTW, Jesse Petrilla is running for city council. Support him. (thanks to Debbie for getting me his vid)

1:35 A banner proclaiming support of the Iraq resistance
You can see someone holding a photo of terrorist leader Hassan
2:50-3:30 - Chants in Arabic saying "We are the soldiers of
2:55-2:50 - Jihadi taunting the police
6:10 -
The "youths" burning an Israeli flag
6:48 -
Burning another Israeli flag to shouts of Allah Akbar
Watch it to the
. When they started burning flags we got out of there before the violence
started, but a McDonnalds was destroyed and several cars torched later that

You can hear this chant  at most pro-jihad, Fakestinian demonstrations.

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