Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hundreds of thousands without power after Eastern snowstorm

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(CNN) -- Air traffic in Washington picked up after a day of cancellations, but hundreds of thousands along the Eastern seaboard remained without power after a major snowstorm wound down.

More than 300,000 people from Pennsylvania to Virginia were without electricity Sunday morning, utility companies reported. The blizzard -- referred to as "snowmageddon" by President Obama -- brought down power lines across the region, and accumulated snow continued to cause outages.

The utility company provides electricity to customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. More than 142,000 of its customers had no power; the majority of them, more than 90,000, reside in Pennsylvania, the company said.

Record-breaking snowfall covered the Washington area, the weather service said. Over two days, 32.4 inches of snow dropped on Dulles International Airport, breaking a January 1996 record of 23.2 inches.

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