Thursday, February 25, 2010

Explosives Theft Qualifies As Near-Miss for USA

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Imagine tons of explosives being stolen in Mexico and then transported by truck across the border into the United States. Could it happen? Over the weekend, it did. Almost.

On Friday, according to an article in the Latin American Herald Tribune, 18 tons of industrial explosives were stolen from a cargo container during a robbery along the Monterrey-Saltillo Highway in the northern Mexico state of Nuevo Leon. According to subsequent reports, Mexican officials located and recovered the stolen explosives within hours. The thieves, however, remain at large.


But should Americans rest easy now? Not after this near-miss event.

According to officials with the Mexican industry association, Canacar, thefts from cargo trucks on Mexico’s highways increased 40 percent last year.

“Too many safety and security issues have yet to be resolved. Those issues certainly haven’t improved in the past year,
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