Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Europe - the missing key to Middle East peace

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I find it very strange that these people never seemed to have ever read the Bible. Yet they tend to follow exactly what it says is going to happen.
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EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - The latest American Middle East peace initiative has been launched in the absence of change in the attitudes of the protagonists or in the political landscape. Is America gambling with a new round of dead-end diplomacy by packaging old wine in new bottles?

The United States urgently needs Europe if it wants to break the deadlocked peace negotiations and Europe needs to take additional responsibility for resolving the conflict. Indeed, Israel may also need to reassess Europe's relevance for its future.

America has too close a relationship to Israel to be able to twist its partner's arm to take a risk for peace.
Over the years, Europe's role as a mediator receded, giving way to an expanding US role in the region.
Currently, the EU itself has a police mission along the border with Egypt, and despite its observer status, it could further contribute through an expansion to the 1967
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