Friday, February 19, 2010

China lodges protest over Dalai Lama’s meeting with President Obama

China responded angrily yesterday to President Obama’s meeting with the Dalai
and demanded steps to undo the damage.

The language used by Ma Zhaoxu, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, stopped short of
retaliatory action, reflecting Beijing’s desire to limit the impact while
serious issues such as US arms sales to Taiwan remain on the table.

Mr Ma said the meeting with the Tibetan god-king, who has lived in exile in
India since an abortive uprising against Beijing in 1951, “hurt the national
feelings of the Chinese people and seriously undermined China-US relations”.

Actors wait to take part in a performance adapted from an ancient ceremony of Qing Dynasty emperors praying for good harvest and fortune, at the Temple of Earth in Beijing

He demanded that the US “adopt measures to wipe out the baneful impact and
stop conniving and supporting anti-China separatist forces that seek Tibet

China’s response will have been decided to some extent by Mr Obama’s low-key
welcome to the Dalai Lama.

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