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Mexico: No Turning Back, Pakistan: Threatened for Evangelism

Mexico: No Turning Back

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When fifteen families told area guerrilla leaders of their desire to seek God, the leaders kicked them out of their village in Chiapas, Mexico. The families slept in a stable for over a year until recently, when they moved into simple new homes.
When the families told the Zapatistas guerrillas that their old religious ways weren’t enough for them and that they were seeking God, the armed guerrillas immediately forced the families get out of the village and leave behind all their belongings. Though the families had nowhere to go and nothing to eat, the Zapatistas would not allow anyone to help them.
The rebel group sees themselves as the protectors of the indigenous people of Chiapas. They control everything from land ownership to religious practices, which in this region are a syncretistic combination of Mayan rituals and Catholic practices. They view evangelicals with disdain.
VOM partners pray with the evicted families

When she heard about the families, “Ruth,” a VOM partner, fasted and prayed and then she went to find them. They had been without food or water for over three days. When she arrived, she saw the guerrillas, but no one tried to stop her. As she gave the families food and water, they were so hopeless that they wouldn’t even look in her eyes.

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Pakistan: Threatened for Evangelism

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After evangelizing Muslims and baptizing a former Islamic religious leader, a Pakistani pastor is receiving death threats from radical Islamists – even through his cell phone.
“Azhar”, who became a pastor at a village church more than 20 years ago in Pakistan, regularly shares the gospel with his Muslim neighbors and has baptized a number of Muslim background believers, including a former imam known as “Rashid.”
Trouble started after Rashid stopped attending the local mosque. Members tried to convince him to return to Islam, but he wouldn’t. His Muslim relatives labeled him as an apostate, a traitor to the faith. They issued death threats against Rashid, along with his wife and children who also became believers. After Rashid and his family fled the area, his relatives turned against Pastor Azhar.

Pastor "Azhar" has faced severe persecution for his outreach to Muslims
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