Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Signs of the Times: Surveillance Watching the US?

RFID veterinaireImage by muscapix via FlickrMore info, on this subject that so many want to continue to ignore. The more it is, the more it becomes our new laws. Dictatorship and control moving forward and fast. Mostly, because nobody is fighting it anymore.
WASHINGTON – Sept. 11 turned much of the West into a high surveillance society. And hi-tech devices could soon enable the government to track our lives more than we’d like.
Surveillance may not be at the level that author George Orwell wrote about in 1984, where “big brother” could see and control all. But experts say the tools are being forged to create such a world.
“We’re talking Little Brother now, and we're talking Big Brother down the road,” said Michael Ostrolenk, national director of the Liberty Coalition.

Scientific ID
Attempts to track terrorists and illegal immigrants have led to massive new efforts to identify people, using their body’s unique fingerprints, facial characteristics and iris patterns. A program called Real ID would marry this “biometric” information with a person’s driver’s license, making it easier to track.
“It would require all states to conform to national standards for your driver's license," Ostrolenk explained. "So it basically creates a national identity card.”
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Amie Stepanovich of the Electronic Privacy Information Center told CBN News that many states are saying “no way.”
“Twenty-four states have enacted laws that say that Real ID will not be implemented in their state,” she explained.
Government Decides Who Can Work
The E-Verify system has also been proposed to boot illegal immigrants out of the American workplace. But both Ostrolenk and Stepanovich object to its overreach.
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