Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not even Rumsfeld escapes TSA’s clutches

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Even former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld isn't immune to the probing hands of Transportation Security Administration (TSA). ( / Splash News - TMZ.COM / SPLASH NEWS)
The folks at the Transportation Security Agency have been taking a beating this week on the Hill for some 25,000 security breaches at the nation’s airports since 2001. They’ve been hammered in the past for being overly aggressive in patting down even elderly people.
Now, thanks to TMZ, the online celebrity gossip site, it seems even the venerable former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, 79, was deemed a possible threat and patted down Wednesday afternoon at Chicago’s O’Hare airport as he tried to board a flight. Rumsfeld was reportedly “all smiles” during the hands-on event.
Rumsfeld, linking to the TMZ report and photos, tweeted Thursday that he had been “en route to Grand Rapids, Mich., to attend the funeral of one of America’s most beloved first ladies, Betty Ford,” when the manhandling, so to speak, occurred.
In another tweet, he noted, “It takes those of us with two titanium hips and a titanium shoulder a bit longer to get through TSA.”
You know, it looks like he’s having too good a time.
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