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Survival Food Plants: What They Are, How To Grow And Eat Them

Potato plant. To ensure continuing worldwide a...Image via WikipediaBe sure to check out the link below for some great tips and some of the best plants to grow.
Everyone is more concerned now than ever about the global food supply, both in the U.S. and globally. Which plants when grown can provide the optimal nutrition and what are those plants? Can they be grown in backyard gardens? What are the easiest survival plants to grow which provide the most nutrition in times of need?

What is a survival plant?

It’s a little difficult to define “survival plant.” In a survival situation, any plant that can be eaten would be considered a survival plant. That would include any vegetable or fruit you have in the garden right through to local weeds or plants that are edible (well at least a non-poisonous form of nutrients!).
I think a survival plant is one that you put in the garden once and it grows continuously with a minimum of care. A plant you can turn to in times of need

A survival plant should meet the following criteria (in order of importance):-

It should be edible (of course), tasty and nutrient rich
It should perennial – or at least readily self-seeding
It should need a minimum of care
It should have a long or repeated harvest
There’s not too many conventionally grown vegetables that will meet all of this criteria. Most require regular preparation of the soil, regular & seasonal planting, regular watering, regular fertilizing and once the plant has yielded it’s crop, you have to pull it up & start all over again. Growing conventional crops is very rewarding, but let’s face it – it’s a bit of work.
Survival plants on the other hand, take a little bit of work up front to get them settled in and then you can leave them to do their own thing. Some will die back in winter and resprout in spring, others will go all year round – the common thing with survival plants is that they are perennial and don’t require replanting every year. If allowed to, most survival plants will never need replanting. Many don’t need watering if you get a decent amount of rainfall, and fertilizer requirements are optional – just fertilize & mulch when you get around to it. The most work you’ll do is harvesting.
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