Thursday, June 2, 2011

SPECIAL REPORT: Symptoms of Tyranny, Oathkeepers in Arizona

Map of USA with Arizona highlightedImage via WikipediaThis is something I thought I would never really see in America with the laws of our Constitution protecting us. That is until lately seeing how much the Constitution has been trampled on with our current administration who claims they uphold the Constitution of the United States. This is a sad day here in America.  This isn't just brutal this is all out Murder. | An epidemic is sweeping the nation. In this special report, never seen on the mainstream news, we look at the symptoms of tyranny and take you to Arizona where the Oathkeepers converged to march for a fallen Marine. Jose Manuel Guerena was shot 61 times in his home when Pima County SWAT entered to serve a search warrant. You will get an inside look at the Oathkeepers memorial service where Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Richard Mack spoke of the recent abuses, presented the widow with a plaque, and provided solutions on how you can overcome these symptoms of tyranny.

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