Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Tape Expected To Surface Soon and Wheres the Proof?

CBS News broadcast clips of videos taken by &q...Image via WikipediaI've been hearing about this new tape for the past couple of days. They are worried about people thinking he still might be alive? Again, Where is the proof?

For the Media channels being so ignorant on this matter is beyond me. Saddam, We saw the proof. The people hung him themselves. There was even a trial. Though it's nice to hear that Bin Laden is out of the picture. We need to also remember a few things.
Personally after hearing so much from this President of ours. I just can't bring myself to believe a word this man says. His lies overturn everything he does. Yeah, it's Politics, But, its a bit harder to perform so many lies in this information technical age we live in today. For those out there still trying to worship Obama, I really feel sorry for you.

First off, They say he is dead. If this is true they need to prove it. Not just for the Americans but to the entire Islamic world out there. Anyone that knows anything about the Religion would have to know they are not going to believe it. And to top it off try to make him a Martyr. Islams primary goal is Jihad. (Holy War) Don't take my word for it. Read it in the Koran. Shariah Law to all nations and to die as a Martyr. (The only way to heaven.) This means to murder ALL Infidels, meaning, Jews, Christians and Yes ALL Americans.

You see if by any chance this is how Osama did die. Then this means one thing. He died as a Coward according to their Religion, and used a Woman to hide behind instead of stand up like a man. If this is actually true, then this also means they would have to question their own god Allah. Because Allah did nothing to protect him, nor did he do anything to allow him to die as a Martyr.

The news keeps going on that they are concerned about more attacks. What they are not telling you is that if they actually show the proof of this. They have no choice put to see how much of a Coward he actually is. Also showing, that anyone trying to back this coward up would be an Idiot for doing so. In other words an infidel. Serving the wrong god.

So As the Main Media runs around trying to Praise Obama. Also remember if that proof is not shown. Then it just may get a lot worse. Because, They are not going to believe it either.

Though none of this will change my mind,, I will NOT vote for Obama, truthfully I couldn't understand why he made it in the first place. But, Either way. Just like his Birth Certificate, He needs to come out with the proof. If all leaders taken out before him can be shown world wide what makes this so different? Nothing. But, the entire Muslim World needs to see this and understand that they will Never run the entire World under Shariah Law. Osama is just one person, that took the book Literally.

Now, Obama, News Media, and all those who worship him. SHOW US THE PROOF ALREADY!

Now if this tape comes out? And no Proof is shown? Hmmmm? Then is he really dead? Many won't believe it.

Osama bin Laden may be dead, but U.S. officials expect at least one new bin Laden tape to surface soon, according to multiple reports.
According to The New York Daily News, bin Laden may have ordered the tape to be released in the event of his death.
The tape is said to be a recording created not long before his death, though authorities say there is no indication he knew the United States was closing in on him. It's not clear whether it's audio or video.
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