Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nukes in Pakistan may be to easy for Terriostist to get a hold of

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Vast international conspiracies are generally the fare of Vince Flynn novels.    However, there is one conspiracy that we better pay attention to. 
 The conspiracy is the Islamic terrorists goal to get their hands on a nuclear warhead. 
 While this has not been headline news in the United States, a group of Islamic terrorists infiltrated and attacked a Pakistan Navy base.  The terrorists killed a number of people, destroyed at least two American made P-3 Orion aircraft that had recently been sent to Pakistan.    At least four terrorists have been killed so far.
 The Navy base is one of the most important military facilities in the Pakistani military.  The fact that terrorists were able to gain access to the base with relative ease should be ringing alarm bells all over the place. 
 Pakistan is a nuclear power.  While Pakistan does not reveal how many nuclear weapons it has, the best estimate is they have somewhere between 90 to 110 warheads. 
 Pakistan, just like America, does not advertise where it keeps its nuclear weapons.  Some of those nuclear weapons could even have been on that base.   The P-3 in American service can carry a nuclear weapon.  Whether the Pakistani P-3’s can is anyone’s guess. 
 The holy grail of the Islamists is to put a mushroom cloud above an American city.    The terrorist attack has got to raise serious questions about whether Pakistan can secure its nuclear warheads. 
 Meanwhile, Pakistan is rushing ahead with plans to complete a nuclear reactor that can produce weapons grade plutonium.  If terrorists cannot get a completed nuclear bomb, weapons grade plutonium is the next best thing.
 Given the fact that the Taliban is basically a creation of the Pakistani Intelligence Services and their obvious complicity in hiding Bin Laden, America cannot assume Pakistan will do anything to help the United States in the war on terror and may even look the other way if Al-Qaeda gets one of their nukes.
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