Monday, May 16, 2011

AFP: Iraq violence kills six Christians, wounds two Norwegians
BAGHDAD — A spate of attacks in Iraq on Monday killed six people including a Christian whose body was mutilated while two Norwegians hurt in a Baghdad bomb blast were among at least 16 injured, officials said.
The Christian construction worker's mutilated corpse was found in the ethnically mixed northern oil hub of Kirkuk after he was kidnapped at the weekend. A young boy was also among the dead.
An Iraqi guard was killed in the morning explosion in the eastern neighbourhood of Baghdad Jadidah that wounded the Norwegians, who were working as consultants for the water resources ministry, an interior ministry official said.
A doctor at Al-Kindi hospital in central Baghdad confirmed one person had died and four others, including two foreigners, suffered wounds from a bomb blast but were in stable condition.
Hospital officials did not allow journalists access to the building where the wounded were being treated.
But a spokesperson for the Norwegian embassy in Baghdad confirmed two of the wounded were Norwegians who were working as advisers to the water resources ministry.
"They are both getting medical help and will eventually be fine," the spokesperson said. "One will need an operation on his leg, but will be OK."
In a separate attack, a traffic policeman was killed by gunmen using silenced weapons in the north Baghdad neighbourhood of Al-Utayfiyah, the interior ministry official said.
Also on Monday, a roadside bomb targeting Baghdad provincial council chief Kamil al-Zaidi blew up as the politician's convoy was on the edge of the Shiite neighbourhood of Sadr City, according to the official.
Eight people were wounded in the attack, including three policemen, but Zaidi was unharmed.

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