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Obama, the Interpreter of the Message of Passover Israel National News

Passover - ShalomImage by paurian via FlickrFor over 2000 years now People who have became Christian through Jesus Christ have begun to celebrate Passover. Though I can see the point they have here with Obama trying to blend in it with the Islamic brotherhood, we can see many of the Jews still don't quite understand why Christians celebrate Passover.
Fact is, If the Christian is taught right by their leaders they full understand the Slavery that was involved in Egypt and the miracles that took place when Moses said let my people go.

Many don't realize as well. that it was Passover when they sacrificed the sacrificial Lamb. Even though most even in Israel today never realized that Jesus the Christ was the one Sacrifice in place of the natural Lamb the day they hung him up for all to see and drained his blood from his body. In turn creating yet another Passover with many Miracles that followed. Including the day he rose from the dead..

As I see the World events happening I can also see how people like Obama keep trying to twist the history books and Constitutions to make it sound different and claim its as he says. Just like what he is trying to do in this article.

The fact is. Passover about the Freedom of the Jewish people. God's people. from the hardcore slavery from Egypt and their false gods. We cannot forget all the events it took for them to be able to leave either. Let alone. The monuments and mysteries of the Pyramids? It's a major symbol of their slavery. Not much of a mystery..
Seeing the way Obama keeps trying to act like he is part of everything like this though really makes me wonder what his motives really are.

Be sure to read the full article here at Israel National News
Passover recalls the bondage and suffering of Jews in Egypt and the miracle of the Exodus, but U.S. President Barack Obama says its message is reflected in Muslim uprisings.
In his annual message, prior to his third straight participation in the Passover Seder, President Obama stated, “The story of Passover…instructs each generation to remember its past, while appreciating the beauty of freedom and the responsibility it entails. This year that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa.”
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Having constructed a link between the Arab uprisings and Chosen People's experiencing the miracles of the Creator that led them out of Egypt and towards the receiving of the Ten Commandments, the President concluded, "As Jewish families gather for this joyous celebration of freedom, let us all be thankful for the gifts that have been bestowed upon us, and let us work to alleviate the suffering, poverty, injustice, and hunger of those who are not yet free.”
For good measure, he also added the Hebrew term “Chag Samayach,” which means “Have a happy holiday.”
President Obama chanced into a Seder during his presidential campaign in 2008, when the polls were not in his favor. At the end of the Seder, when Jews chanted, "Next year in Jerusalem,” Obama responded, “Next year in the White House.”
His attendance at the Seder resulted in his meeting with Eric Lesser, one of his Jewish backers, according to Lauren Salkeld, writing for the epicurious.com website. Despite the heavy campaign schedule, Lesser and two friends organized a makeshift Seder in a hotel basement. As they began, Obama popped in and asked, “Is this a Seder? Can I join?”
After having made it the White House, President Obama held another Seder last year, complete with all of the Jewish customs, and plans to do so again this year in the White House’s Old Family Dining Room.
The phenomenon of non-Jews arranging and participating in Seders in the United States has spread so much that Diane Cole wrote in The Wall Street Journal this week, “Is Passover the new Christmas,” referring to the dilution of Hanukah by detached Jews and non-Jews who try to mix the two holidays together as part of “brotherhood.”
Cole wrote that even many churches today hold their own Seders, despite the exclusive Jewish concept of remembering slavery and Exodus.
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