Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dearborn denies permit, says Quran-burning minister could face arrest | | The Detroit News

Flag BurningImage by upyernoz via FlickrYou know the more I hear about this, and the more Islamic nations are trying to wage war because of one man, the more it just gets even more stupid. They want to arrest him for what?
Does this mean we can arrest all the islamic nations out there burning Bibles and the American Flag? Better yet can we arrest them for doing what they do to their wives, beating them. Their hatred for the Jews and Americans and Christians? Fact is there is nothing peaceful about Islam or the Koran or Mohammed. Don't take my words for it. Read it. Sharia Law in America is calling for a major desaster on all levels in America. People, Wake up already.
Dearborn — Dearborn denied a permit Wednesday for Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones' planned protest outside the Islamic Center of America on Good Friday.
Jones could be arrested if he goes ahead with the protest outside the mosque without a permit, said city spokeswoman Mary Laundroche. She added that the permit had been denied for "public safety reasons."
Jones said he had not received notification that the permit had been turned down but that he was undeterred.
Jones is due in 19th District Court in Dearborn on Thursday to answer prosecutors' claims that his demonstration could cause a riot and demands he post a "peace bond" to cover police costs.
Dearborn officials said Jones can still demonstrate at one of two "free speech zones," including City Hall. Before denying the permit, city officials expressed concern about public safety, traffic and disruptions to nearby churches.
Jones isn't likely to relent. He's said for weeks that he plans to demonstrate outside the Ford Road mosque with or without a permit. Earlier today, Jones said the mosque is the ideal site for his protest against "radical Islam" and Sharia, or Islamic, law.
"There is no place better than there to present this message," said Jones, the pastor of the Dove World Outreach center in Gainesville, Fla.
Jones said he is planning to bring a pistol to protect himself in case of violence, but has no plans to burn an Islamic holy book.
"We are coming there totally in peace," said Jones, who said he will be joined by several other people including a rabbi.
Earlier today, Dearborn Mayor John B. O'Reilly Jr. released a copy of an "open letter" he wrote to Jones in a last-ditch effort to persuade him to cancel his protest.
In the three-page letter released to the media, O'Reilly urged Jones to conduct his demonstration at one of the city's "free speech zones." O'Reilly also questioned the logic of protesting Sharia in Dearborn.
"Our commitment to the Constitution is unwavering, not merely convenient, which makes your hyperbole about Sharia Law being practiced in the courts or civil law of Dearborn nonsensical," O'Reilly wrote. "So, you are coming to protest against an imaginary threat that doesn't exist in our community. Not in our courts, not at our City Hall, not on our streets and not in any of our places of worship."
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