Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wis. GOP set to strip collective bargaining rights

As I read through this article I noticed that all these people seem to have no clue what they are fighting for.
I mean really, If they really don't like the outcome. all these people should have been fighting to get those 14 idiots that bailed on the vote to get their lazy butts back to work and do their jobs. What gets me the most is these people are supposed to be leading the people that voted for them and they are not doing that at all. How in the World do they even have a Job?
At one point Unions used to mean something. The more I watch this though. I realize all they are doing today is supporting lazines. Let me work for doing nothing type of attitude. Let me get paid higher than those who actually have to work for a living.
Tell me something. These people have been out there fighting to spend yet even more money when the state is flat broke? How is that even possible? These people have to remember they are the ones that Voted of Obama, that has spent more than any President in the entire history of the United States. If you don't believe it. Look it up. Don't take my word for it. 14 Trillion dollars in debt. Meaning, There is no money. States will be suffering much worse than this if actions are not taken.
The People of the U.S. really need to start looking at ways to change their spending habits. And start thinking more about their families and start understanding who they actually voting for. Do research on them and their core beliefs.
The fact is, These people are trying to depend on Government to do and give them everything they want. This is the number 1 mistake that has happened throughout ALL of History.
One thing about this article is right. The whole world is watching. They are Watching how much and stupid this part of the Democratic Party actually is. It's really sad to see so many people so blind and cannot figure out what broke means.
I still want to know how these people that left the state still have a Job. Everyone that I know of would have been fired the next day.
Again if you don't like the outcome. You should be telling these people to get back to work if not then FIRE THEM.
MADISON, Wis. – The standoff over union rights that rocked Wisconsin and the nation for weeks headed for an end Thursday, as Republican lawmakers were set to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from the state's public workers and deliver one of the strongest blows to the power of unions in years.
Wisconsin Senate Republicans outmaneuvered their missing Democratic colleagues late Wednesday, using an unexpected but surprisingly simple procedural move to remove all spending measures from Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining legislation and allow them to vote without Democrats present.
The gambit set up a Thursday vote in the Assembly, after which the legislation would need only Walker's signature, and touched off renewed protests as thousands descended into the Capitol to denounce the GOP move.
"The whole world is watching!" shouted protesters outside the Assembly's entrance on Thursday as police removed more than dozen demonstrators from the Capitol and indefinitely delayed the building's opening. The morning vote in the Assembly also was delayed because the session can't take place unless the public has access to the building, and the spokeswoman for Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said several state representatives were not able to get inside.


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