Monday, March 28, 2011

The Power of Bloggers

Image representing MyBlogLog as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBaseFor so many of us out there just like this page blogs are one of the best way to help inform people and to keep up with the news around the World. This is just one of the ways so many companies through Net Neutrally and controlling the net that many plan on shutting down yet even more of our freedoms. This was news to me. I didn't realize that Yahoo was part of it. So I figured I would send this out in case some of you didn't know either.

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall" - Aesop
You don't need me to tell you that the world has its share of major catastrophes and disasters.
The people of Japan are in desparate need of our help & bloggers and other social media partiipants continue to raise millions of dollars for those in need.
I am grateful to say that thanks to bloggers has been active in raising funds and awareness for those in need.
However I am writing to you because there is a story that while it clearly does not rise to the same level of human tragedy, I believe strongly will make a major difference to the future of blogging.
Yahoo! recently announced the shut down of MyBlogLog. While this news has been largely ignored by mainstream media, the event is disturbing because it shuts down a channel of the blogosphere.
For years now MyBlogLog has been ignored by Yahoo and now they are shutting it down because it doesn't fit within their corporate strategy.
What does MyBlogLog's closure mean to you?
  • You may think it doesn't mean anything or whether they still exist however the truth is MyBlogLog is a valuable site that distributes 10s of millions of visitors to blogs each year.
  • Yahoo! has shown no respect to bloggers throughought its 4 year ownership of the site. Once again they are failing to follow through on promises and responsibilities to bloggers. Perhaps Yahoo believes it has no responsibility to bloggers.
  • The closure of MyBlogLog represents a lack of respect to bloggers who have built tens of thousands of communities on the network and spent countless hours adding MyBlogLog widgets to their blogs
  • Yahoo! has made no attempt to dispose of MyBlogLog, yet it represents an important channel of distribution for blogs.
Why you should care? and BlogCatalog are ready, willing and able to take over MyBlogLog and turn MyBlogLog into a valuable tool for bloggers and blog readers. We shared plans with Yahoo over a year ago to do this. Yahoo ignored our requests to talk to them because they insisted we show them our plans.
So, what difference will it make if I join this event?
The more members we have on the greater the positive impact we can make to the world. A combination of BloggersUnite + MyBlogLog + BlogCatalog is "The Right Thing."
To-date, together with your help we have saved lives, made material differences in the lives of school kids, raised money for Haiti, helped build clean water wells in Africa, worked with the CDC to raise awareness about STDs, united refugees with their families, worked with to harness the power of the blogosphere on AIDS Awareness Day and we had hundreds of thousand of bloggers unite on Bloggers for Good Day; where bloggers from BloggersUnite were featured on CNN doing good deeds.
It makes little sense when people in this world are starving that Yahoo would shut down an asset. Why not sell it and give the money to a charity? Their site has value. As Warren Buffet says, "stupid in small things, stupid in big." So please unite with thousands of bloggers and explain to to Yahoo what is the right thing to do.
I humbly ask that you please join us and other bloggers and write a post or add an Action Badge to your blog.
To do this please click BloggersUnite because unlike Yahoo we are fully aware that when you combine your voice with the voice of other bloggers that there is no greater force for good in the world today.
Antony Berkman
BloggersUnite for Good
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