Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Islamic Antichrist? See the book Glenn Beck raves about

Cover of "The Islamic Antichrist: The Sho...Cover via AmazonSome interesting facts that the World should already know. Whether or not you believe in one or the other on not at all.
The facts that were written 1000's of years ago. We are actually seeing the form of both sides taking place as we speak.
Is it a plan of man? Or the plan of God. Check out the links below, and most of all the video here at this link.  Make your own decisions.

Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck today said Americans should be alarmed over the revelations of a WND Books release, "The Islamic Antichrist," in which author Joel Richardson documents the similarities between the "bad guy" of the Bible, the Antichrist, and the "good guy" of the Quran, the Mahdi.
The author contends they are, in fact, the same.
"You have to look at this, really ask yourself, 'Wow, is this true?'" Beck said.
He also cited the Islamic teachings that some Muslims like Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believe – that they can speed the coming of the Madhi, their end-times savior, by creating chaos, from which they expect him to emerge.
Beck, applying such a belief to Christianity, suggested facetiously, "What do you say we go start slaughtering people so Jesus will come back?"
Read it for yourself, "The Islamic Antichrist."
Richardson's book discusses his analysis of the Bible's account of the end times and that of the Quran, including his conclusions about the "Antichrist," who is described by the Bible as the ultimate enemy of God and His people, the Jews and Christians. The Mahdi, meanwhile, in Islam is forecast to come to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate.
Following the broadcast, the book's ranking on Amazon shot up. It's now ranked No. 1 among "movers and shakers" on the site and No. 9 among all books. Just hours after Beck's interview, it was rated No. 1 in books on theology and No. 3 in books on eschatology.

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