Monday, February 28, 2011

4.7-magnitude earthquake hits central Arkansas -

Little Rock is Arkansas' capital and most popu...Image via Wikipedia
(CNN) -- A 4.7-magnitude earthquake struck central Arkansas just after 11 p.m. Sunday (12 a.m. ET Monday), the United States Geological Survey said.
The quake, the latest in a swarm of nearly 800 since September, is the strongest since a 5.0 event recorded in 1976, according to Scott Ausbrooks of the Arkansas Geological Survey.
Almost all of Arkansas could feel the quake, as could residents in parts of Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Oklahoma, Ausbrooks said.
The quake caused minor damage across a wide area of Arkansas. Most of the damage was from broken dishes, cracked drywall and, in one case, a broken window.
No injuries were reported.
The quake's epicenter was 37 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas, the USGS said.

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