Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama’s Korea Free Trade Failure is a Bad Omen | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

In case many of you haven't been keeping up. Take a good look at our so-called fearless leader. As he goes around the world with yet even more false promises he claims to be from America. I often wonder if other countries have caught on to this mans lies yet.

Seems Korea has and also China may have, But time will tell what the hardcore outcome of all this will bear down on us and our Children.

I often wonder how it's possible to have O's idiotic decisions reflect as ALL of America's decisions when it is not. The White House better wake up to what the People have to say.

Kieth here as some great articles that may also help keep you all informed on this be sure to check out his site for the full story here.


Well, so much for Step One of President Obama’s plan to rebrand himself as a market-hugging, free trading, limited government kind of guy.

Obama’s effort to renegotiate George W. Bush’s free trade deal with South Korea failed today, as American officials were unable to find a way to let more U.S. cars and meat into the Korean market.

Please eat us, South Koreans.

The South Korean government protects its auto market, and the South Korean people doesn’t want our meat, which they feel we are trying to, literally, ram down their throats.

The South Korean trade deal is no small matter.


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