Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11 Documentaries & Videos - 2001 and 2010

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...Image via WikipediaI wanted to post on many issues about today 9/11. A day I remember very well. Though so many different views revolve around this subject. The facts still remain true. Thousands of people lost their lives that day. The planes were still hijacked from a group of Islamic Radicals claiming to create Jihad. Holy War against our Country.
The fact remains today just as it did back then in 2001. A day when America saw first hand on how evil those in other parts of the world can actually be.
Below I'm going to share a few videos to show first hand what happened that day. I will also show you how much different reactions are here 9 years later. Whether or not you believe it was an inside job or not. The above facts are still very real and true. As many of us still remember those that claimed being the ones responsible. Many soldiers have fought and died in wars ever since. I give my respect to all the hero's from then and into today. That still remain on the front lines. Protecting not just our Country but from those Evil ones running those same countries they are fighting in today.
Take a moment watch these and Remember. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to protect this Country and those who serve us all in the name of freedom on the front lines today.
Inside the buildings on 911. Actual footage.

Uploaded by Top-Notch112. - Up-to-the minute news videos.
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"On September 11, 2001, filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet were filming a documentary on a rookie New York City firefighter when they noticed a plane overhead. That plane would hit the World Trade Center. The firefighter and the Naudets rushed immediately to the scene. The Naudets filmed throughout Sept. 11 and the days afterward from the firemen's perspective, as it became clear to them that this was the only known footage from inside the Twin Towers that day."

Uploaded by Top-Notch112. - Watch the latest news videos.

Uploaded by Top-Notch112. - News videos hot off the press.

Uploaded by Top-Notch112. - News videos hot off the press.
I could not find 5 and 6 but we can see what had happened first hand on that terrible day.
Now 9 years later. Seems a different phase is going through America. As one side of the World taunts Death to America. We have a new President that was not in office when this happened. Telling us that Religious views must be tolerated. Though I have no problem with Religions being crazy or weird or even a bit funny like the Religion to be a Jedi. (Yes it is a new Religion.)
I have a bit of a problem when that Religion isn't just a Religion but, the Law, The Politics and if you do not obey what a man wrote then you must be killed. More on this in a bit. But for now. I want to show you some things that are happen right now. 9 years later on 9/11 2010
Our new President,

Laura Bush, who was there and remembering those in flight 93 who rushed the Hijackers and stopped them from driving another plane into another building.

More coverage from that dreadful day as the plane hits the second building.

The Speech from President Bush that day so many of us remember so well.

The search of Osama Bin Laden

Today the threats continue on the other side of the World. What most American news channels won't show you. As they protest a Koran burning a small pastor decided he wanted to do. Millions on the other side shout chants of Death to America and burning the American Flag. What gets me the most is they have been burning the Holy Bible for thousands of years. But a little pastor in a little church in Florida says something about burning the Koran and It's time to murder all Americans? Just food for thought.

As we can see, The Wars are far from over. I will post more on this subject a little later to see how this day turns out this year.
For so many out there Claiming this is a peaceful religion you may want to pick up the Koran and read it for yourself. I personally remember seeing the same types of writings in the satanic bible itself when I was younger.
Search, investigate and find out the information yourself. Let remember those and be sure to shake the hands of those soldiers out there fighting and giving their lives for our freedom here. No matter what you believe. America is still the best place on the Planet to live in.
Let us remember what happened and pray this ends soon.
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