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RFID chips snooped from 66 metres

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Why spend so much time on this issue you may ask? Because people need to know what their near future is going to be like. No matter what we may believe. This is the technology that is sweeping over the World at a very fast pace.

Since Wal-Mart is taking such a beating for just marking their inventory items. I find it amazing how so many will not touch the very bill that will place this tags on all Humans in Not just America but all those who enter or around us as well.

The ones who are protesting so much and as news media encourages their arguments are now pushing the Federal Government to do their job.
Sounds good right?

Check out that Bill everyone is pushing so hard for the Gov to bring into effect.
National ID, And what many illegals will be calling a blue card as they go for Amnesty.
It's all in the bill. Please read it all.
Now, RFID, Biometric tagging of people can also have ID's and information stolen easily with things just like this very article below. Be sure to click the links.
RFID tags can be read at a surprising range, a researcher has found.
When he's not listening in to GSM phone calls, Chris Paget has been busy seeing at what distance an RFID tag can be read, managing a respectable 217 feet.
Paget also reckons the US military could read an EPC Gen2 tag from 80 miles off, though the connection would likely time out before any data was retrieved. Which is a shame as his calculations put the theoretical maximum read range at 317 miles, if you've got a big enough dish.
Arecibo Dish
Generation 2 tags aren't what we use in credit cards, or NFC-equipped phones, at least not yet. EPC Gen2 tags don't rely on magnetic induction for power and can thus be read at a much greater distance making them ideal for packaging and product labels, and the US Passport Card, among other things.
As Paget explains in his report (pdf) Gen2 readers are more akin to radar in that they send out a radio signal
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