Thursday, July 22, 2010

The US plans to install a Big Big Brother-style monitoring system on the computer systems

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If you think your computer security features are safe and cannot be hacked into. You may want to think again. If the plans they want go through and pass. Which most of it already has. The Freedom of the net may soon be a thing in the past. A day when we used to be able to enjoy all that freedom.

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The US plans to install a Big Brother-style monitoring system on the computer systems of private companies and government agencies to prevent cyber-attacks from abroad.
The program, named Perfect Citizen, will rely on sensors that will be deployed in networks running critical infrastructure such as the electricity grid and nuclear-power plants.
It will be able to detect any attempt by foreign saboteurs to launch a cyber-attack .
Inside the control room
But privacy campaigners have reacted furiously, saying that 'mission creep' will make it easy for security forces to effectively spy on normal citizens.
U.S. intelligence officials are concerned about Chinese and Russian surveillance of computer systems that control key parts of the U.S. infrastructure.
Earlier this year Google's email service, GMail, came under attack from
Chinese hackers trying to access the accounts of human rights activists
in the country.
He said that 'weapons-system blueprints are among the documents that have been compromised.'
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