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Fighting Wars with Robots The Future is Here

Fighting Wars with Robots

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    People have wondered for years what Technology can actually bring to our human lives. As some try to seek Health and Body. Others are bent on War and destruction. As always Check out all the links below. Also see the History Channels videos posted from YouTube.
    Think Terminator cannot happen? What really gets me is since the U.N. and many other plan so much for and RFID chipping device world wide on Humans, placing a device like this read them can only make a person really wonder.
    Imagine a day a robot loaded with weapons notices a person without a chip. Should it just open fire for not obeying the law?
    One of many questions I have concerning this.

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    The Transformation of American Warfare: Fighting Wars with Robots

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    The Pentagon is rapidly improving its ability to fight wars with robots. This capability is "bringing about the most profound transformation of warfare since the advent of the atom bomb," says Scientific American, and raises "a host of ethical and legal issues."
    "Robots are pouring onto battlefields as if a new species of mechanotronic alien had just landed on our planet," the publication says in an editorial on their development in its July issue.  "The prospect of androids that hunt down and kill on their own accord (shades of Terminator) should give us all pause. An automatic pilot that makes its own calls about whom to shoot violates the 'human' part of international humanitarian law, the one that recognizes that some weapons are so abhorrent that they just should be eliminated."

  • Fighting Hidden Killers

    Military works on new techniques to counter IEDs in Afghanistan.

  • BY PHILLIP O'CONNOR St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    FORT LEONARD WOOD — They are the leading killer of coalition forces in an increasingly deadly war. And with a surge of 30,000 U.S. troops under way in Afghanistan, military experts expect the number of casualties from homemade bombs to increase even more in coming months.
    The Counter Explosive Hazards Center is at the forefront of the Army's cat-and-mouse effort to defeat a weapon that in May alone killed 18 Americans and wounded 163 others.
    Headquartered in a nondescript building on this sprawling post about 112 miles south of Columbia, the center provides soldiers bound for combat zones with the most up-to-date training in everything from how to spot and disable such bombs to searching for those who plant them.

  • The Transformation of American Warfare: Fighting Wars with Robots

  • Singer, who directs the 21st Century Defense Initiative at The Brookings Institution, in Washington, D.C., a non-profit research think tank, says robots include:
    # Lockheed Martin's High-Altitude Airship, an unmanned blimp that carries a radar the length of a football field and can fly at nearly 19,800 meters for over a month at a time.
    # Contractor QinetiQ North America's MAARS robot, resembling a tank that is armed with a machine gun and grenade launcher that does sentry and sniper duty.
    # The miniature surveillance "bot" from contractor AeroVironment that "mimics a hummingbird in size and its ability to hover over a target" and which flaps its wings frenetically as its cameras observe a scene.
    # The Counter-Rocket Artillery and Mortar, or C-RAM, which resembles Star Wars robot R2-D2 and is armed with a machine gun that can shoot down incoming missiles and is used to protect the Green Zone in Baghdad.
    # The TALON ground robot that can defuse bombs and peeks over obstacles to hunt for enemies.
    # The ChemBot, conceived by the University of Chicago and contractor iRobot, of Bedford, Mass., and which is "a bloblike machine that shifts shape, such that it is able to squeeze through a hole in the wall."
    # The Predator drone that can track 12 targets at once and which has been used in combat since 1995. This unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) from General Atomics is armed with two lethal Hellfire missiles that have killed as many as 40 al-Qaeda leaders but which, by some estimates, have killed as many as 1,000 civilians across Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Author Singer writes that robots are machines built to operate in a "sense-think-act" paradigm. Information from their sensors is relayed to computer processors or artificial intelligence software that decide whether to activate their mechanical "effectors."

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