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Arizona to allow concealed carry without permit

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Arizona to allow concealed carry without permit

  • Arizona to allow concealed carry without permit

    In less than a week, Arizona residents will be allowed to carry a gun in their pocket or purse without needing paperwork to do so.

    Senate Bill 1108, which allows people to carry concealed guns with no permit or safety training, takes effect on July 29, the same day controversial immigration legislation is scheduled to begin enforcement. It makes Arizona the third state behind Alaska and Vermont, all supportive of gun rights, to enact a law that raises concerns for law enforcement.

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    These articles below have some good and interesting points. Being that this bill is taking effect in a few days. I figure people need to know the law.

    Is it a good thing? Yes in many ways. Can it be bad? Yes, for those that don't obey the laws.

    One this is to be sure of though. If your out to break the law or trying to mug somebody in Arizona. You might want to think again. With this law in effect. Anyone and almost everyone will have some kind of protection to defend themselves.

    One thing I like about the Ole West. Is the way they love to allow the people to protect themselves instead of depending on Government and Law enforcement. They have plenty of other things they need to worry about.

    As far as the ones that are out to do nothing but evil. Well. Just remember that anyone around you just may have the ability to take that attitude down now here in AZ.

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    Arizona Constitutional Carry (SB 1108) signed by Governor Brewer

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    Now, those without Concealed Carry Permits do NOT start carrying right away. This law will not go into effect until 90 days after ‘Sine Die’ which is 90 days after adjournment of this session.

    Also, because of the enormity of this new law, look for other laws to be amended to dovetail in with these changes.

    As it stands now,  although Arizona recognizes all other states permits, the need for those permits will no longer be required to conceal. However, under 4-229, the wording indicates that only an Arizona permit holder can conceal carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Also, the previous forbidden areas still apply.

    It is early stages, so be on the lookout for changes in the Arizona law concerning conceal carry. There are many sections that will see change to tie this all  together,  but for now remains unclear.
    The Phoenix Gun Rights Examiner - Douglas Little,  has already written about SB 1108 today.  He covers the ‘Law of Unintentional Consequences’ rather well.

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    I have to say the new laws do raise very good points and some bad ones as well.
    Like this below.

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    Arizona constitutional carry and the "Law of Unintended Consequences"

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    • Arizona residents will no longer be subject to criminal penaties for the inadvertant concealment of an openly carried firearm either on their person or in a vehicle.  Further, it eliminates all of the confusion between what constitutes 'open' versus 'concealed' carry.
    • Arizona residents will no longer be required to attend training, pay a permit fee and be sure to renew their permit every five years in order to carry a concealed firearm.
    • Crime rates may drop significantly as a result of the new law.  Criminals will now be even more unsure about who might be carrying a concealed firearm.

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    • Eliminating the permit requirement will have a significant chilling effect on the cottage industry for CCW training in the state.  More than 1600 instructors state-wide depended on training revenues for either part-time or full-time wages.
    • Range revenues may drop statewide at both public and private shooting ranges. As one example, on any given weekend at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in north Phoenix, more than 10 CCW courses involving 100 or more students are delivered.  As the legislation came nearer to passage, CCW course registrations were reportedly off over 75%.  At Ben Avery, revenue losses could exceed $100,000 per year based on reduced CCW training.  Reduced range revenues could result in increased usage fees or possible closures of under-utilized range facilties.
    • Lack of a training requirement could result in more citizens running afoul of the firearms laws in Arizona since they may not educate themselves and may not avail themselves of training since it is not required by law.
    • People wishing to carry a firearm for self-defense may do so without a full understanding of the law regarding the use of physical or deadly force in self defense.  Without that knowledge

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    Now be sure to read through the bill yourself. If you plan on owning one you will have to know all of this. Notice the parts crossed out as well. Here is the link
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