Thursday, June 10, 2010

Should Mainstream Media Be Held to Different Standards Than Bloggers?

So many times I have heard this subject, and as always, I make sure the links to the sources are always provide among much more.
I have found many times that bloggers will dig much deeper than most news sources as much or more than I do at times. To top it off we don't get paid. We believe in letting people know the truth.

But it is nice when people help out some by viewing the sponsers on our pages.
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Should mainstream media be held to different standards than bloggers when it comes to crediting sources? Mainstream media agencies have frequently turned their noses up at bloggers, essentially claiming that they steal and repurpose the work of their hard working journalists.
bloggers are traditionally not shy about linking, because most serious bloggers appreciate the value of a link, and know that not acknowledging sources can be damning to their reputations.
The FTC is considering whether or not it can step in and save journalism.
Blogs are press. Go to major events, and you will find bloggers with press passes.
Companies and organizations view blogs as press. They give them information to report on - not only at events
On the flipside, bloggers hunt down facts. They research. They ask questions. They email and make phone calls. They even go on location. In many cases, especially within niches like the tech industry, blogs will break not only some of the news, but maybe most of it.
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