Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stunning Pictures of Al Gore's New $9 Million Mansion Media Totally Ignored

Those who are in love with the Global Warming Climategate hoax may want to take a look here at Al Gore's New 9 million dollar home.
As you can tell by these pictures this home is Eco Friendly, It hardly uses any lighting or watering for the grass. Ummm Right?
The leader of Climate Change and a movie that so many schools and Universities are teaching our kids. People may want to take a closer look at those who are running this massive project to control the way the people live. Here is what your Carbon tax goes too. Nice home.
clipped from newsbusters.org

Nobel Laureate Al Gore purchased a $9 million mansion in the luxurious hills of Montecito, California, recently, and with the exception of the Los Angeles Times and Fox News, America's media couldn't care less.

You think it might be because the Gore-loving press wouldn't want people to consider the possibility that all of his global warming hysteria was really about lining his wallet and not saving the planet?

Formulate a response to that question as you look at what all that money the former Vice President is making off of spreading this myth can buy (h/t Doug Ross):

Sweet, wouldn't you say? (Readers are encouraged to view more pictures of this fabulous estate here.)

Certainly not bad for a guy who supposedly was worth between one and two million dollars in 2000.

They want to control your lives: how big your car can be, how much water your toilet can hold, the kind of light bulbs you can use. They even think there are limits on how much money you should be able to make.
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