Monday, May 3, 2010

President Clinton And Tea Party Terrorists

President Clinton And Tea Party Terrorists

Just who are the real terrorists?

For more than a year Democrats and their mainstream media lapdogs have sought to portray Tea partiers as everything from ignoramuses to racist skinheads to gun-wielding, Bible-toting terrorists.

Now former President Bill Clinton has taken it up a notch, likening them to Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh.

And he did it under the guise of a warning: that angry, anti-government rhetoric coming from some conservatives, talk radio and Tea partiers could potentially spark another such incident.

But again; exactly who are the terrorists?

Tea party participants are normal, everyday Americans concerned about the course of their government. They are not terrorists seeking a building to blow up. There have been no instances of violence during Tea party rallies. In fact, Tea partiers even clean up their messes before leaving their rally locations.

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