Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama Hits A New Low In Rasmussen Poll & Jeff Beck And SRV Perform Going Down

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The fact is. Obama just doesn't seem like much of a leader at all. Lord help us all.
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So what brought on this jaw-dropping, record-breaking fall in national adoration? What wiped the bloom off the Obama rose?

Was it Obama’s dissing of Arizona and its illegal immigration law — plus, his slow response to provide federal help with the National Guard at the state’s dangerous border?

Or, was it his lack of leadership and molasses-slow response to the BP oil spill that is devastating Louisiana’s wetlands and marshes, while he went golfing?

Or, was it his outrageously expensive stimulus package that did diddly-squat for the nation?

Or, was it the ramming through of the foul ObamaCare that a majority of Americans don’t want?

Or, was it his calling the Cambridge police “stupid” or his war with FOX News or his bowing to third-world leaders or his rude treatment of PM Netanyahu
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