Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nations to Consider Adding ‘Aggression’ to Int’l Court Crimes

As you read through this article. Also note, This is NOT an American System. This is the U.N. With Obama signing the treaty for us (Without The United States People) voting on it.
This along with Carbon Tax is something that the People of any country has NO choice on or is able to vote on. This Hate Crime law, which will most likely pass, will be made into law without the People's Votes.
Not only Unconstitutional but will be enforced as well. (Globally)
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The Hague (AP) – The 111 member nations of the International Criminal Court hope to finally agree on how to prosecute illegal attacks by one state on another when they meet next week in Uganda, the conference's leader said Thursday.

President of the Assembly of States Parties, Lichtenstein diplomat Christian Wenaweser, told reporters during an online question-and-answer session that he is "cautiously optimistic and believe that we have a good basis for a solution that finds very wide political support."

"The issues that would arise from dealing with allegations of aggression would give ammunition to critics who claim it is a politicized institution," he wrote.
"We expect governments to seize the moment to step up their commitment to global justice."

Major world powers such as the United States, Russia, China and India will not have a chance to vote on the issue as they are not members of the court.

Goldstone also warned that debate on aggression could also divide court members.
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